Easy Sourcing

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Easy Sourcing

By easy sourcing,the buyers can post sourcing requests and receive quotations from the suppliers.Both the suppliers and buyers will find it convenient through easy sourcing.Easy sourcing has the characteristics as list:

Easy sourcing has the characteristics as list:

1. One quotation to one request

While there is a request,one quotation will be offered.

2. Find large numbers of suppliers

Large numbers of suppliers will you can find and the most appropriate one will be chose.

3. Compare the requests and the quotes

The way we match the suppliers is not only by comparing the requests,but also by comparing the quotes that suppliers offer.

How does easy sourcing work?

1. Submit sourcing request

Buyer should submit sourcing request first of all,and we will receive the sourcing request.

2. Match suppliers

We will match the suppliers according to the sourcing request and find out the suitable suppliers.

3. Provie the quotation

The suppliers provide the quotations and buyers receive the quotes.